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  • Penang Bay International Ideas Competition: Open For Submissions


  • HKSAR National Security Law: Ministry of State Security will resolutely cooperate with the National Security Office in Hong Kong

  • Chinese Fabless company UNISOC completed equity restructuring, promoting the IPO process


  • The difference between granite and marble

    In today's society, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the decoration of the living environment, and most people choose to use marble and granite when decorating their houses. After all, both are high-grade finishing materials.

    / 09-29

  • What is the difference between casement windows and sliding windows?

    This kind of window is the window that the window glass can push open on the slide rail, which can be divided into two types: left and right push and pull. The advantage is that it does not occupy indoor or outdoor space regardless of the switch state, it is flexible to open, beautiful in appearance, economical in price, good in sealing, and simple in structure.

    / 09-29

  • Why choose SPC click floor? What are the advantages of SPC click floor?

    At present, for people who choose flooring for decoration, everyone will first think of materials such as ceramic tiles and wood flooring. However, in developed countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, SPC click flooring has become a new choice of flooring materials.

    / 09-29

  • Safety precautions when using pillow packing machine

    Pillow packing machine​ is a kind of frequently used mechanical equipment in modern manufacturing equipment. In the constant work over time, there are many things that need our operators to pay attention to. Do the maintenance and maintenance work of pillow packing machine on weekdays. It can better create benefits for our company, and it can also ease our work.

    / 09-29

  • BitBase decentralized professional contract trading platform has been comprehensively upgraded

    According to Blockonomi, BitBase decentralized professional contract trading platform is being comprehensively upgraded, which will optimize the Swap contract process in the existing blockchain market, improve security and user experience, and will soon officially launch innovative option contracts.

    / 09-29

  • FT Markets marches successfully into Vietnam!

    Founded in London in 2005, FT Markets is one of the world's leading foreign exchange brands. FT Markets specializes in the trading of more than 60 kinds of financial products, including foreign exchange, gold and silver, stock index, etc.

    FT Markets / 09-29

  • The reason why more and more activities use Frame Tent

    A Frame Tent is a new type of temporary building used for outdoor activities. Due to its flexible disassembly and assembly methods, it is lightweight and easy to store and transport. It is called "mobile real estate".

    / 09-29

  • What are the advantages of customization of office chairs? What are the disadvantages?

    It can be said that with the rise of the trend of office furniture customization, many office furniture factories have also followed the trend of customization. Among them, there are many manufacturers that mainly engage in office chairs. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of office chair customization? So what should you pay attention to when customizing office chairs?

    / 09-29

  • How to quickly get rid of the odor of the newly bought office chair?

    How to quickly get rid of the odor of the newly bought office chair?The following is a brief description of how to quickly remove the odor of office chairs.

    / 09-29

  • Precautions for purchasing smoke pro pellet grill

    In summer and autumn, it is the happiest thing to have a barbecue with friends and a drink of draft beer. But if you want to eat delicious barbecue, then the smoke pro pellet grill is definitely an indispensable weapon. So what should I pay attention to when buying a smoke pro pellet grill? Let's analyze it below.

    / 09-29