Multifunctional Intelligent Toilet With Warm Air Drying, Mobile Massage, Water Temperature Adjustment & Air Temperatur


1. Waste paper piled up in the toilet trash can has become a hotbed for bacterial reproduction, which not only pollutes the family environment, but also becomes a source of infection of viruses. After using the intelligent toilet, you can not only stop wiping with paper, reduce the trouble of cleaning the trash, but also completely prevent the source of environmental pollution and virus transmission, and protect the health of you and your family.
2. Per capita: There are more than 10000 wrinkles on the surface of hip skin, and various pollutants and bacteria are breeding. Usually our hands are dirty, and there are wrinkles on the surface of our skin. No amount of paper can clean our hands better than water. In addition, most of the toilet paper is recycled paper. Fluorescent whitening agents or talcum powder are added to the waste paper, which is bad for long-term contact with the skin.
3. What fashionable women need: Clean and nursing of vulva is crucial to women's health. 60% of gynecological diseases are caused by vulva pollution, and vulva cleaning is the first line of defense to prevent gynecological diseases. Women often suffer from inconvenience in cleaning during menstruation and after prenatal delivery. They are specialized in smart toilet and female cleaning functions. They use soft, lukewarm water to clean special parts of women, so as to keep their bodies fresh and prevent germs from invading.
4. Patient: The intelligent toilet is specially responsible for the function of catharsis and cleaning, washing directly in front, massaging the blood around, lubricating the intestinal tract, softening and decomposing the stool of the dry block, helping to defecate, and helping to enema and detoxification.
5. Weak old people need intelligent toilet: With the growth of age, all functions of the human body gradually decrease. Including defecation function. Difficulty in defecating is a difficult problem for almost all elderly people. Along with the positive intelligent toilet, the elderly no longer worry about going to the toilet every day. It is inconvenient for the elderly to move. Lowering their head or bending over is a dangerous action, which is easy to cause hypertension, cerebral haemorrhage and other diseases and cannot be ignored.
6. People with mobility problems need intelligent toilet: People with mobility problems should be accompanied in the bathroom. Very inconvenient. With the intelligent toilet, everything will be completed automatically as long as you touch the button of the intelligent remote control. Friends with mobility difficulties can also solve the problem in the bathroom themselves.
7. People who pursue high taste and high-quality life pay more attention to the decoration and facility upgrading of the toilet. The intelligent toilet provides convenience for the whole family to enjoy comfortable cleaning. At the same time, it highlights the superior life concept of landlords and attaches importance to the necessary cleaning of the toilet by high-quality life groups.

Product features: Antibacterial material, mobile massage, self-cleaning nozzle, defecation function, bubble function, memory function
Functions: Hip cleaning, female cleaning, warm air drying, mobile massage, water temperature regulation, air temperature regulation, seat temperature regulation, spray bar regulation, strength and weakness massage, electroless flushing, luminous lighting, leakage protection, self-cleaning of the nozzle, defecation function, energy-saving mode, bubble cleaning, memory function, intelligent deodorization, led display, automatic flip/flip dual mode switching.

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