Westwell Shines at TOC Europe, Leading Global Logistics towards Green and Sustainable Growth


Westwell's Intelligent logistics solutions powered by AI technology and clean energy garnered extensive attention and praise at this year's TOC Europe. These groundbreaking innovations have paved a new path for the logistics industry toward low-carbon and sustainable development; the path has been proven highly effective and feasible.


With over 40 years of history, the annual TOC Europe is one of the most influential container logistics events in Europe and beyond. At TOC Europe 2024, decarbonization and sustainable benefit growth are topics of widespread interest among attendees. Industry professionals believe that innovative technologies such as AI and clean energy can help address the pressing challenge of decarbonization in the logistics industry. They eagerly seek excellent solutions that leverage these technologies to tackle various challenges in the sector.

For this TOC Europe, Westwell Technology has brought its 'AI and Green Energy' comprehensive solutions that enable global customers to achieve green and sustainable development across all logistics scenarios. These include WellOcean, Container Logistics Full-process Intelligent Solution, as well as Qomolo, a New Energy Autonomous Driving Solution that integrates green technologies and advanced AI to connect diverse major logistics scenarios.


In developing these innovative software and hardware products, Westwell has made the most of its full-stack AI R&D capabilities and stood to the forefront of transforming logistics growth models, achieving unparalleled efficiency gains from green and low-carbon production methods.


Upgradeable New Energy Autonomous Driving Capacity

Westwell's self-developed upgradeable autonomous heavy truck, E-Truck, made its debut at TOC Europe. As the world's only intelligent electric heavy-duty truck capable of upgrading to autonomous driving, it is specifically designed to facilitate the transition to green, low-carbon freight logistics. As a member of the Qomolo family, the E-truck utilizes the same drive-by-wire chassis as fully autonomous driving vehicles, with a reserved sensor interface for autonomous driving upgrade.This design can accommodate the upgrade needs of customers throughout the product's life cycle. Customers can electrify their vehicle fleets and achieve their green and low-carbon transportation goals by using E-Trucks. These vehicles can be later upgraded to autonomous driving mode at a low cost and connected to Westwell's intelligent autonomous driving system for better performance.

Q-Truck, a 24/7 autonomous new energy commercial vehicle, has also made its appearance again at TOC Europe, which is the world's first autonomous electric heavy truck for intelligent container logistics. Together with the E-Truck, it forms a powerful zero-carbon transportation solution that is upgradeable, capable of battery swapping, and operates autonomously with high efficiency 24/7.


AI-based Management System Unleashes Energy Efficiency Potential


At last year's TOC Europe, Westwell launched TerminalGPT, the world's first AI-driven intelligent robot expert for container logistics. This pioneering system assists in enhancing decision-making and risk prediction. This year, Westwell unveiled a comprehensive, all-scenario scheduling and coordination platform, REEWELL, driven by robust AI computing power. Integrating various advanced software and hardware technologies to provide a core product set of scheduling (TOS), fleet management (WellFMS), verification & simulation (WellSimtec), prediction and recommendation (TerminalGPT). Additionally, the REEWELL can holistically mobilize fleets and equipment within the logistics site to formulate the optimal route for vehicle movement. It allows unprecedentedly smooth, safe, and efficient transportation and makes fleet management easier than ever for operators.

The World's First Green Transition Whitepaper Covering Multiple Logistics Nodes

The green transition of logistics needs to be progressed in a gradual and systematic approach, where strategic guidance and advanced production tools are of equal importance. In this connection, Westwell worked with Roland Berger, one of the world's top-level strategic management consulting firms, to introduce the world's first methodology for green transition covering multiple logistics nodes—2024 Freight Logistics Decarbonization Whitepaper.

The core of the whitepaper lies in the "LEAD" decarbonization methodology. It states that based on Digitalization (D), the decarbonization process is divided into three phases: Electrification (E), AI-driven Intelligence (A), and Linked Ecology (L). This whitepaper provides systematic guidance for industry professionals to achieve their Decarbonization goals and gain "Economical-Friendly", "Environment Friendly", "People Friendly" values (DEEP).


With regard to where the logistics industry will go, Westwell has provided insight in its "Ainergy" strategy, which encompasses practicable methods and a full suite of intelligent new-energy software and hardware products across all logistics scenarios. Logistics professionals visiting Westwell's stand at TOC Europe 2024 will have a better understanding of the path toward green and intelligent transformation, and will reap the benefits in the near future.


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