NYO3 Follows the Sustainable Fishing Principle and Work with AWR to Protect the Ecological Vitality of Antarctic Oceans


On April 22, the Norwegian new nutrition brand NYO3 donated 121,000 NOK to the Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund (hereinafter referred to as AWR) to promote more research on the Antarctic ecosystem and guarantee future sustainable development with concerted efforts.

AWR is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to the research, conservation and sustainable development of Antarctic wildlife and krill ecosystems. As a partner of AWR, NYO3 has always assumed improving human health quality and ecologically sustainable development as its responsibility, and taken practical actions to protect the pure Antarctic and build a green earth. It promises that for every bottle of NYO3 krill oil sold, it will contribute to AWR for scientific research and the conservation of Antarctic wildlife.

NYO3 adheres to the development principle of sustainable fishing in Antarctica. The Antarctic krill used in its products comes from Area 48 of the Weddell Sea in Antarctica. While ensuring the purity from the source, the brand strictly controls the fishing limit not exceeding 1% of the total biomass, so as to guarantee that Antarctic krill resources are reasonably utilized and maintain sustainability and ecological balance.

Benefiting from the pure ocean of Antarctica, NYO3 krill oil products have obtained the only two international authoritative quality certifications in the industry (i.e. ORIVO "100% Pure Oil" and IKOS "Five-Star Krill Oil") and passed 100% global market sampling inspection for three consecutive years. Furthermore, NYO3 has achieved honors in the industry worldwide: the Global Online Krill Oil Brand TOP1 and NO.1 in the global 3-year quality of krill oil ranking*. (Source: Moojing Market Intelligence Global Online Cumulative Sales in 2023). Rewarding the ocean-NYO3 takes the initiative to assume the social responsibility of sustainable development. It puts equal priorities on quality and design, insists on the packaging of recyclable simple materials to reduce natural resource consumption, and creates a sustainable model for the product life cycle, inviting consumers to participate in the paradigm of recyclable ecology.

AWR is an integral part of NYO3's commitment to sustainable development and responsible production and operation of krill for global consumers. Roger Kristensen, the Honorary Chairman of NYO3, stressed: "AWR provides an opportunity to continue monitoring the impacts of krill fishing and conducting further ecological research on this important species, and we hope that through our contribution to the Fund, we will support sustainable research and management in Antarctica to maintain a healthy ecosystem for krill and all Antarctic species that depend on it as well."

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